Harold Ickes examines a model building, 1935 (Library of Congress)

In 1935, FDR’s Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes chastised housing policy under the Hoover administration.  He cited the widespread prevalence of  slums in American cities as a clear sign of failure on the part of the federal government to take the housing question seriously.  In his typically caustic tone, Ickes remarked:

“…our cities have stood helplessly by while a supine National Government was too busy installing chickens in every pot to inquire whether there was any kitchen in which they might be cooked.”

This is a blog devoted to news, analysis and commentary on public housing today. Eight decades since the first public housing initiatives opened American society to the idea of housing as a basic right, the issue remains as contentious and contested as ever.

Maya Dukmasova is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Chicago. Tweet @mdoukmas, email maya (dot) dukmasova (at) gmail 


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