Good Reads

This section is devoted to informative and stimulating reading material about public housing!

atlanta shalhoup

“Locked Out” by Mara Shalhoup is a detailed look at the effects of the Atlanta Housing Authority’s decision to demolish all of its public housing beginning in the late 1990s.


“Separate, Unequal, and Ignored” by Steve Bogira explores the perennial and pervasive issue of segregation in Chicago

vale pic

“Housing Chicago: Cabrini-Green to Parkside of Old Town” by Lawrence Vale, detailing the recurring pattern of cleansing neighborhoods of the poorest residents in the name of “redevelopment.” For an expanded discussion on this topic see Vale’s 2013 book Purging the Poorest: Public housing and the design politics of twice-cleared communities

hollywood pic

“Hollywood’s Urban Cleansing” by Patrick Range McDonald, chronicling the gentrification of Hollywood with meticulous attention to census data and the efforts of political and business leaders to yield their town to hipsters.

last tower pic

“The last tower” by Ben Austen gives a broad background to the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan for Transformation, the massive overhaul of the public housing which began in 2000 and led to the demolition of the city’s high-rise housing projects. It focuses especially on Cabrini-Green and the fate of its tenants.

nychaland pic

“The land that time and money forgot” by Mark Jacobson is a tour through New York City’s public housing projects a.k.a. Nychanald, as they become the target of the city’s thirst for land and increasing distaste for the poor. A delightfully styled piece.

watts pic

“America’s worst housing project is being gentrified” by Mike Pearl. A snarky Vice piece about the city-sponsored hipster invasion to get “undesirable” people out of a troubled LA neighborhood.

house of lies pic

“House of lies,” a huge investigation b the Miami Herald into the affordable and public housing crisis in Miami-Dade County


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